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Passport bribe

Reported on December 22, 2020 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #226316

I was asked for bribe , the postman which comes to deliver , he said it's very difficult to bring your stuff , we carry all your documents in this hot sunny day , and you will not even pay something for bring your important things , I said no , but he's saying it's okay I'll return it back , and the people who stay in my area are not literate enough , they don't know it's not okay to pay a postmanh for delivering the document, and he casually and strictly says that's this is the rule and you've to pay me or I'll return it , and it'll become a big procedure for you to bring it back , so pay me 150 rs and this he does with everyone , he's earning salary and upon that incentives and people's money too .
Do something for this I'm very pissed on this postman
My area address is Vakola pipeline gaondevi Indira nagar Santacruz East Mumbai 400055

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