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Piad 10000 rupees for obtaining Tin Number

Reported on August 11, 2017 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #167456

I paid 10000 rupees bribe through accountant in order to obtain Tin Number. I was told it was impossible to get the TIN Number without paying bribe. The accountant told me that the officer who is giving final approval is retiring so he wants to make money. The office has earing over crore it seems by just simply signing the document. I had all the valid documents and there was nothing illegal but the accountant didn't listen and got 12000 rupees totally. 1000 for government, 1000 for accountant , 5000 for head office an d rest of the 5000 rupees for the workers. The system is totally corrupt. I obtained my TIN Number in Redhills office( Chennai,TamilNadu). The office should be punished. It just burns my stomach everyday.

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