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My Passport is issues in tatakal under Thane Passport Seva kendra.…

Reported on January 31, 2014 from Navi Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #39176

My Passport is issues in tatakal under Thane Passport Seva kendra. So Post-verification was done. But we are waiting for another police verification for my wife's passport. Police came to our Koperkhairane Sec-1 address for verification and my was present there. I was nearby office. I talked to the Police who came to my place and he indicated by his voice for bribe.(maine sab OK kardta hoon,....or sir bolie, Or sir bolie, I tried to cut the call but because my wife's verification is pending I could not take the strong stand. Ultimately power is in their hand. I asked my wife to pay Rs.100 to the police. He then asked me to come to Koperkhairane police station. I went there in the morning with all the document and after reviewing all of them, again asked me to come at 7PM. I went there again and just to stand in one line and witnessing another Senior Police signing my verification document. Here I have also witnesses a person is giving Rs 500 bribe to the concern police who reviewed my document. I am sure there are many person who is giving bribe to this police men. He also tried to convince me for the bribe but I told that I have all the required documents and it should be OK. Here in police station i have not paid the bribe but I am afraid next time I will go with my wife and that police man will recognize me and may try to take bribe.

Story line is simple- I am comman man, I need my passport, my wife's passport. without these I am in control of police's hand of bribe. God give us staingth face and show us easy path without bribe.

Police station: Koperkhairane, Sec-6, Navi Mumbai

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