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Related to the Operation of my brother of Nose from an ENT doctor

Reported on June 24, 2018 from Saharanpur , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #184651

Hello Team, Actually this case related to the opertion of my brother. We both were roaming here and there from couple of week behind doctor to take the operation date . but he was avoiding us because he was waiting for bribe money. He asked us 5000k thru this assistant. Later on operation date on 24th of June- 2018 I paid him 4000k in his hand. He called me in his office for bribe. Not only me most of people whether poor or rich they ask for bribe after that they go for operation process, otherwise they won't at all proceed your case furthur. See this is the situation of india where people pay bribe for their health, If someone doesn't have money to pay bribe will they die without operation in government hospital ? Its a government hospital in saharanpur.XXXX. Note - He choosed date of operation as sunday because he know sunday would be holiday and no one can proove it as a working day. XXXXX

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