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Reported on November 8, 2020 from Ranchi , Jharkhand  ι Report #225710

I was on my way from odisha to Ranchi for Government official work. When I suddenly reached chutia there a police official stopped and asked to show documents as I was from odisha. He verified all document and asked for Jharkhand permit I showed up in my phone as its was all India permit but they said show me in original. I said in digital India today they can check by police own device but he said I am taking your vehicle to police station and will qurantine you too. As we have to submit our samples on time by due date 5days and that day was last I asked him to cut challan. Later he said 2603 I gave him 2600 he said 3 rs I gave him 3 too after that I asked for recipt. He said there is no recipt. You can go. I said I need any kind of recipt any digital or on paper he said now I will take your vehice and too quarantine you. Run now or I will see you

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