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The RTO in Amingaon is impossible to deal with.

Reported on October 21, 2019 from Guwahati , Assam  ι Report #215752

On Saturday 19 Oct 2019 I went to RTO in Amingaon North Guwahati to renew mine license which was to expire. There was a man who was handling all such requests by name Bipul. He openly in front of hundreds of people asked me for a bribe. I told him I gave paid the fees and ang other payment has to be with a receipt. He threatened me that my file will not move if I did not agree. Since the penalty for driving without license is very high I paid a bribe of Rs600 saying I will pay more after I get my license. After he gave me the license I refused to pay more. He then threatened me that he will not do anything for me in future.

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