How to get Marriage Certificate or Marriage Registration done in Chennai

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A Marriage Certificate is the proof of registration of a marriage. Marriage Registration is done at the Sub-Registrar's office.

Why do I need marriage certificate?

  • The need for a Marriage Certificate arises in case you need to prove that you are legally married to someone and even plays the role of a supporting document to obtain a passport or for changing your maiden name etc.
  • Marriage certificate also works as a proof of marriage, social security -particularly among married women and is useful in obtaining visas for spouses to travel together.
  • It is helpful in claiming bank deposits or life Insurance benefits when the depositor or the Insurer dies without a nomination or otherwise.

Who can apply for marriage certificate?

The age for registration of marriage has been legally decided as 21 for males and 18 for females. 

Documents required for Marriage Certificate

1) Age proof Bride & Bridegroom Age proof: Leaving Certificate/ Passport /Birth Certificate/ Domicile Certificate OR PAN Card.

2) Residential Proof of Bride & Bridegroom: Ration Card /Passport/ Election Card/ Light Bill and Telephone Bill of own name.

3) Witness Proof: - Ration Card/ Passport/ Election Card/ Driving License/ Govt. Identity Card.

4) Wedding Card

5) Rs. 100/- Court Fee Stamp

6) Photographs of both Bridegroom / Bride.

The cost of marriage certificate is Rs. 100/- is charged as application fee for Registration and Rs. 150/- is charged for Solemnization, it varies from state to state.
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