Ration Card

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A ration card is a card issued by the State Government. It is a very important document that serves as an identity and nationality proof in India. It helps categorise families into Above Poverty Line (APL) and Below Poverty Line (BPL) on the basis of their economic status. It also provides citizens with the right to purchase goods from rationing shops at subsidised rates.

1. Who can apply for a Ration Card?

  • Families without ration cards
  • Members belonging to divided families
  • Couples who have newly married
  • Temporary ration card holders with expired cards

2. Does a Ration Card vary with the income level?

Yes. Based on your income category there are three kinds of Ration Cards issued:

  • White card - Annual income above Rs 1 lakh
  • Orange card - Annual income between Rs 50,000- 1 lakh
  • Yellow card - For BPL (Below poverty line) citizens, with annual income less than Rs.15,000

3. How do I transfer a Ration Card?

To transfer a ration card from one state to another, visit the necessary food office in your jurisdiction. You will be asked to fill up a written application and submit it along with proof of address and the application fee after which your transfer will be processed.

4. How much does it cost to make a Ration Card?

  • For the issue of a new ration card, Rs.5/- is the charge in case of BPL cards and Rs.10/- in case of APL cards, Rs.45/- for the issue of a computerised card in Bangalore I.R. Area and Bailahongal Taluk of Belgaum District.
  • The charges for the issue of a duplicate ration card are Rs.15/- for BPL cards, Rs.25/- for APL cards and Rs.45/- for the issue of computerised ration cards in Bangalore IR area and Bailahongal district.

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