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Anti corruption

Reported on July 31, 2016 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #114456

How officers from ACB can victimize you
In this era of Internet, posting on Internet is tied to ones IP Address, well it's very good to catch a person uploading sex videos, indulging in unlawful activities but filling up web forms and registering a grievance cannot be a crime even in public domain.
My story is as follows
I complained to the anticorruption bureau of our state ACB Mumbai regarding corruption in ACB and its counterpart the Maharashtra police fortunately for me the ACB head was a genuine person who now is DGP Maharashtra.police
I came across a deputy Supritendent of police working in ACB Maharashtra who is still involved corruption by all means
It was a chance I came to know him
I am not a RTI person nor a person otherwise may be involved in corrupt practices
All the states have vigilance officers in various forms meaning their designation is different in each state.
I wrote to DG ACB MUMBAI that a particular officer is on extortion spree.
This Deputy Supritendent with the help of his his police counterparts tapped my phone and kept all the record of my telephonic communication which was unlawful and tied this with a complaint made by me to ACB Mumbai
Finally in nutshell it happened so that I was victimized so badly that I was extorted.
It is known to every one that these ACB people themselves have tie up with various government officers involved in corruption and get monthly fixed amount from the corrupt officers so that the are never caught.
So Beware before you complaint to vigilance officers you can be the only victim of this system instead of corrupt officers against whom you are writing

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