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Respected Sir, My name is Jangbahadur Faguram Sonkar and i am residing…

Reported on October 8, 2014 from Azamgarh , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #44763

Respected Sir,

My name is Jangbahadur Faguram Sonkar and i am residing in mumbai with my family.My dad whose age is 85 years is staying alone in my village which is in your Bilariyaganj zone of azamgarh district,UP.

My home is situated in the bhaluwai village(khatkauli tola) which comes under the bilariyaganj police station.Today my dad Mr faguram Sonkar was beaten by my neighbours named Jaising & his family for a space matter which is in my place. my neighbours house is just beside my home of which wall was natural demolished a 5 years back.My dad has came to mumbai 26th Augast and was in mumbai 12 september to meet us.By the same time my Neighbour has started tying his pet animal in my place attached to my home. This place is also used by others as a paasway.

We all 3 brothers stay in mumbai with family for our lifely necessity.My dad when protested for this bad behaviour was beaten by him and his family today which hurted him badly and also there is nobody to take care of him there.

Dear Sir request you all to take a quick action against my neighbour as we are afraid of his future activities which may be dangerous or a big loss for us. As my dad is unable to travel we have conveyed the same report to MR.Anil pratap Singh of bilariyanganj (9454402906) azamgarh district.

Hope a quick action on the above.

The Name of my neighbour is Jai singh.

With regards to the ABOVE mentioned details of attack on my aged father being beaten by my neighbor i have launched an online complaint to the below mentioned officials emails .I have also spoken to the my zone police station(bilariyaganj) district azamgarh at 12.30 pm yesterday.My village is around 15 KM from my zonal police station.The constable has arrived to my home at 3.30 pm. They have just came and inquired without any action they went back by calling the both party to police station on the next day.

Sir as required my dad & the neighbor has arrived to the police station after the medical of my father.My dad on arrival of police station was asked bribe of 5000rs for further progress of the case from police.My dad refused to pay the same.The police then just took the report and sent my dad back.On the other hand my neighbor was treated as VIP as he has won some patriotic work.Even the police in charge of the police station has done nothing.

As a citizen of India with my human rights i have called the police station for inquiring the progress work but the constable refused the process saying that he cannot provide progress stating he is not a slave of civilians.He just cut my call but still i called him thrice but he again picked the call and disconnected.

Dear Sir my dad being a Sr. citizen is not in a condition to run behind sich police pupils and also we are in Mumbai and unable to reach.Also we are afraid of the neighbor as he was a military officer in past and can do anything dangerous causing big loss to my dad.

Dear All officials request you all a quick action against the neighbor as progress till now is not satisfactory.

Hope you all respected official will understand me and my dad difficulty as well as pain and provide a quick action against the required person.

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