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Reported on October 20, 2011 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #31477

Dear Reader,
This is a true story of harassment and abused by customs superior department S.I.I.B ICD tughlakabad new delhi.

"Our consignment is genuine but the department of SIIB ICD tughlakabad our declared value of consignment but SIIB not accepting our true value of consignment due to them fixed rule and regulation that is not in customs Act. But we verified all consignment docs through the customs clearance department to the final assessment . but SIIB do not accept customs clearance department all prosier and demanding for provisional assessment out consignment 60000/-Rupee we are not able to pay bribe this amount unfortunately we not paid and we loss 200000/- Rupee due to Concor demerge and Shipping line detention they take 3 weeks time to process our consignment if we pay bribe they process our consignment within 2 to 3 days. That is SIIB story related to customs.

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