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  • 6 years ago

Complaint about corruption, favoritism and casteism

Reported on July 27, 2017 from Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #166781

Sub: Complaint about corruption, favoritism and casteism
By the Additional Chief Secretary, Excise, Government of
Uttar Pradesh at Lucknow, Mr. Deepak Trivedi in TRANSFERS

This is to draw your kind attention towards the Additional Chief Secretary, Excise, Uttar Pradesh Mr. Deepak Trivedi who has been indulging in rampant and open corruption in transfers in his Department on the basis of money, caste etc. Apart from monetary consideration, he favours only personnel from his caste and the recent example is transfer of Mr. Jainendra Updhyay, Dy. Excise Commissioner from Meerut to Lucknow, who got good transfer in just three years whereas others with better qualification and experience could not. Because neither they are from the same caste as the Additional Chief Secretary, Excise nor they are able to fulfill any monetary demands from his side therefore, questions of he recommending such deserve name/s for transfers does not arise. As per information from reliable sources minimum for a transfer in the Excise Department to be recommended by the Additional Chief Secretary Mr. Deepak Trivedi is 25 Lakhs though the same depends and varies from case to case and place of transfer/posting.

we all Indians are proud of our Constitution of India being protector of rights of us by cleaning the system from menace of corruption. We always support any action by good offices towards detection, prevention and prosecution of acts of corruption.

You are therefore requested to kindly investigate into the matter of transfers recommended/made by the above Additional Chief Secretary, Excise Mr. Deepak Trivedi particularly those from 01-07-2017.

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