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Issuing Officer: M. Srinivasan (INS) PS Jurisdiction: Nungambakkam…

Reported on January 13, 2015 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #49790

Issuing Officer: M. Srinivasan (INS)
PS Jurisdiction: Nungambakkam
Date & Time of the Incident: 10-01-2015 12:57:28PM
Location of the Incident: Valluvar Kottam Signal

On last saturday, I was coming from Sterling Road towards Valluvar Kottam. I took a left turn towards Palmgrove hotel thinking it is a free left. The moment i turned left, I was caught by a traffic police team of 4 for violating the signal. I told them that i was not aware of the fact that there is no free left. A Traffic constable told me that he can't help me as the incident was caught in the Traffic Camera. He then told me that the fine for this signal jumping is Rs. 1500 if you pay in the court & it is only Rs. 300 if you pay here. So, i was forced to pay Rs. 300 as spot fine & he issued me a Challan for the same. I did not see the challan as i was in a hurry. After i reached home, i was shocked to realize that the policemen have deceived me. They have booked me under Section CE26 for excessive speed. Then, i checked in the internet for the fine amount for traffic violations & my heart sank when i came to know that the fine amount for signal jumping for the first time is just Rs. 100. I was deliberately deceived by those 4 policemen.
As there were 4 men, they could have stood in each of the 4 sides of that signal & avoid any traffic violations. But, their primary objective was in cheating the public & collecting money in the name of fines rather than avoiding them first.
I hope that this will be taken to the concerned authorities as these kind of acts by few policemen bring dis-respect to the Entire TN Police Department.

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