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Reported on May 8, 2014 from Navsari , Gujarat  ι Report #40886

My father died in 2004 for 35 years he was trying to get dostava done for the house and gardens but the talati would not assist him nor would the Sarpanch they were demanding 1000000 rupees each to get the Patel and five other elders to varify his ownership and land area of the garden. The current Sarpanch has demanded 1000000 rupees and the old talati still will not assist. After a lot of struggle without there help we acquired 7/12 and 8A but the Mamaladtar says we need a solicitor but we know we not for a straight transfer from a will. The bottom lline the Sarpanch and the old talati who only workd for bribes and the new talati and the Patel and the five village elders will not assist to verify the garden area. The Village has to be the most currupt in the whole of India. The Village is Delwada in the district of Navsari Gujarat. I would like to stay ananymous because they are thugs who employ a army of thugs but please share with Senior officials of the department, State Vigilance Officer and the Media - Newspapers & Television

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