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  • 9 years ago

Did not paid bribe for my extension ticket

Reported on January 7, 2014 from Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh  ι Report #38871

I was travelling from Bhsawal to Bhopal with a reservation ticket in a sleeper coach. For some reason, there was some changes in my plans and i had to get down at Vidisha (one station after Bhopal). I was continously looking for the TTE after Itarsi station to get my reservation extened upto Vidisha. However i did not find the TTE untill the Bhopal Station is passed. But as soon as i saw him, i got up from my seat and approached the tte to get my ticket extended. Here i noticed few things. a) the moment tte heard my case, there was a greedy smile on his face. b) that tte told me that he cannot make any extension. when i told him that that id not the case and i knew he can (by law) make thar extension, he was upset. he told me that kn that case i am technically now without ticket and demanded a Rs 100 bribe for a Rs 350 penalty. I was all upset and refused that. Not only that when i asked his name, he refused to say so. He was fully corrupt officer and he know that because of which he was not even wearing his name plate. Finally, After i made some noise, the other tte came talked with the other tte for a while and issued me a penalty of Rs 350. Although that was unfair, but i sm still happy that i did not paid a bribe,

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