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  • 8 years ago

I didnt pay bribe as money is not available in ATM

Reported on December 9, 2016 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #139153

I'm trying to get patta for my registered land. So as any 90s child, approached my father, as I have no idea. He said one of my close relative is working as Thasildar and we can get this done thru her. She asked us to check with VAO of the town/village. He asked to bring all documents and after a month time, he handed it to other department. This guy verified all documents and asked me to bring additional documents like previous land owner's death certificate and his legal heirs documents, which I couldn’t find in my document set, so approached my power agent. Luckily after 3yrs also, power agent was able to send me scanned copy of those documents. So I was able to hand over the required documents to surveyor. After a month time, getting warning from my relative on delay, he had completed his formality and informed us document is ready.

I was expecting, he may ask for bribe, may be 1000Rs (since I went thru known person, that too my relative is of higher post, I thought bribe won’t be there or it will be less). But when I heard my relative asked to pay 5000, I was totally frustrated and irritated. To add fuel to my fuming anger, I couldn't get money from any of the ATMs, as there is no money after demonetization.

So I didn’t go to collect the documents, now thinking of reporting this thru formal channel. Reason for my frustration is simple, i had to wait for more than 2months and produced all required documents, and not knowing why I’ve to pay the bribe is killing me. If he had to something against the policy or if he had completed his work in a day, then for going above and beyond, he could've asked bribe. But he followed all legal process and delayed his work like a snail, now he is looking for bribe.

Let me know what should be done here?

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