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I Paid Rs.100 to get Physical fitness certificate

Reported on June 24, 2016 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #108667

I would like to bring to your notice the case of corruption which I faced today that is 23/06/2016 in Thavarekere Government Health Centre . Inorder to apply for one of the government post notified by Karnataka Public Service Commission the requirement was to produce the physical fitness certificate.

In order to obtain the fitness certificate I went to Thavarekere Government Health Centre at around 10.30 AM. I went to in charge doctor and requested to issue my fitness certificate. I was very much irritated my the behaviour of the incharge over there. The plight of hospital is very poor. There is no scale/instrument for measuring height and weight. On the top of it without doing basic test like Vision test and Hearing test they are simply putting some random numbers. If it is the case what's the use of producing these fake fitness certificate for recruitment process.

After filling the physical fitness certificate , the doctor in charge asked me to pay the fee of Rs.100. I told her that in government hospital it is the duty of Doctor to issue certificate without demanding such bribe so called bribe. Even then she asked me to pay Rs.100 to get certificate also told that she won't be giving the fitness certificate if I didn't pay bribe. Without any choice left I had to pay and get my certificate. If it is the case with the person who has read Bare act and Indian polity by Lakshmi Kant 5times what about poor and needy people who always visit such government hospital when they are in need. I request the concern authorities to take action against these corrupt doctors who suck the blood of poor people even after getting handful of money from government as a part of their salary compensation.

The below mentioned are the details of incharge doctor who demanded bribe along with the details of location of incidence:
Name: Dr. Mooneesha
KMC Registration number: 91168
Designation: Assistant Surgeon
Date of incident: 23/06/2016
Time of incidence: 10:30 AM
Location: Thavarekere Health Centre BBMP Bangalore -29

Please request the concerned people to take action immediately otherwise if it continues then our Mother India will be branded as Corrupt India in global areana. Also in future our Bangalore will branded as Corruption Capital of India which is currently known for good governance in the country. So kindly take departmental action against this corrupt individual and create an example which makes the other corrupt individuals to think hundred times before harassing and demanding bribes.

Hoping for your quick action.
Aggrieved person

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