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  • 11 years ago

Income Tax Clearance

Reported on June 8, 2011 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #31951

This happened on Feb 17th and 18th 2000. I worked for Siemens and my wife for Cipla. My wife and I were immigrating to the US on a company transfer. Feb 17th and 18th were Thursday and Friday. We had two days to have our Income Tax clearance before leaving the country on Saturday, Feb 19th.

Siemens assigned me a CA to work with the IT department. The CA's and Siemens's policy was not to give bribes.

It was a challenge. Firstly, the staff came two hours after the office opened, then they took a long lunch break and left an hour early. Secondly, at each stage they asked for money like beggars. I could not understand how low they could stoop. Finally, after running from one office to the other - from Marine Drive to Bandra offices, we finally got the piece of paper. My wife and I were so frustrated that we decided not to return to India except for visits.

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