• Bribe Fighter
  • 11 years ago

Indian Sea-port Customs / Immigration extracting bribes

Reported on September 8, 2012 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #34163

Well, I don't know how good & strong this issue is, but it does disturb me and other seafarers (incl foreigners) who trade in Indian waters. Corruption is so difficult to eradicate, but can be controlled to some extent.
I have witnessed with sailing Masters, how the Customs / Immigration officials and other SeaPort authorities too, extracting bribes in forms of gifts (Imported Cigarette cartoons, Imported Sweets etc, and at times CASH). On the west coast, Mumbai authorities shamelessly extract not less than 60 cartoons of imported cigarettes preferably 'Marlboro'; followed by Sikka - Gujarat & Cochin (I hv been to these ports). Master of the vessels are subject to unnecessary harrasment if their demands are not met. The worst the authorities can do is, delay the vessel at ports resulting in excessive port dues to the vessel; no wonder the higher petroleum prices, as a result. I sail worldwide on VLCC's (Crude oil tankers) and since my previous vessel did trade the mentioned Indian ports, I feel disgusted of our Indian official's professionalism.
I feel thisis the best platform to exposed the truth to the public. I suggest that you investigate thoroughly and expose the racket that goes on in this field. I'd prefer my identity to be confidential.
Wish you good luck anyways and keep up to the good work.

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