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  • 12 years ago

IT refund

Reported on March 27, 2011 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #32271

I had to recieve my IT refund around 10K from the IT dept.
When I approach them first I was told that I need to submit a bond to claim a refund. I submitted my bond along with the bank statement for the last one and half year. The persona from the particular Range number told me that I will have to wait for 10 days to get it processed. I again visited Ayakar Bhavan, and I came to know that nothing was processed. He told me that my IT returns is invlaid. I asked him for the solution he asked me to come after 10 days. I again visited after 10 days he said he can help me but if I want to get the refund he wants 5% of my refund amount (that is around 500). I was help less and told him to proceed further. Initially I agreeded to pay him Rs 500. He told me to wait for 10 minuites. I was thinking why should I pay 500 rs to him just to get my money back. I was telling my story to the person who sat near to me and he was also undergoing almost the same situation. We both decided not to give any bribe and fight agaist it if he is not ready to give my refund check back.Aafter 10 minuites one assinstant boy came and asked me to come inside.I turned on my cell phone's camera and got inside. Now I was little confident than earlier as I have a person waiting outside to supprt me and my voice was quite bold. I saw my refund cheque in his desk and asked him that “Sir, I just wanted to know why I need to apy you 500 rs”. He replied “If you don’t want to pay not a problem you can take it and carry on” :-). I assume that his assistant might have heard my conversation I had with the other person.
Finally I got my refind check back withput any brobe:-)

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