• Bribe Fighter
  • 11 years ago

JE of Corporation of chennai - Perambur

Reported on January 2, 2014 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #38817

I have already got the building approval, since we have kept the sand and bricks in the road, he needs bribe. As we got the approval, why we need to give the copy to him, why can't he take the same from corporation office, (own Government department). This is atrocious, why they are disturbing public, due to their inefficiency. We are temporarily keeping the sand and bricks outside the road, there are number of vendors who are occupying the roads almost with proper building were not been identified and fined. whenever we perform work police person asks for bribe, JE etc... (We are constructing house in 1200 sqft area with loan, how can we afford to pay bribe to all these buggers) what is this, really shameful to say these, Police are the law keepers, the Law keepers itself asking bribe is atrocious. Really i feel sorry to say that iam INDIAN, due these culprits. INDIA's Image in outside country is fully damaged due to Bribe............

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