• Bribe Fighter
  • 11 years ago

Let us wield our power and let them run around..

Reported on March 25, 2011 from Cochin , Kerala  ι Report #32284

It was expected, we werent willing the police and the corporation officials thought that by being nice to us we would be nice to them money wise..My father had died in Nov in Kochi wer he was working and to collect the death certificate we had to go there and do all the proceedings. Since they knew we are from Bangalore they thought we were loaded and xpected easing a bit of our burden. wen nothin was forthcoming they (dorporation office) decided there was sumthing wrong in the form and made us run back and forth to the police station to get it corrected. the police officer too was bugged because it seemed we didnt know he handled our case and not the other official whom we had called. he was also grudging the fact that there wasnt an extra income. also a loong lecture on us on our moral standards on how ppl oly value the dead because of their insureance money. he asked me pointedly if there was insurance money, i told him ter is not and i dont care if ter is also. I lost my father and i wanted all legal ramifications sorted without compromising in my stands.

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