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Network Masters - Cheated me and threaded

Reported on September 16, 2015 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #65272

Network Masters - Cheated me and threaded
I really don’t know where to start but very disappointed the way I had been cheated and threated by the MD of Network Masters - Computer Training School.
I got admission in to the training for CCNA and CCNP.
He spoke so much how good he is and he is corporate trainer and he is best in to training, he has been in to it since 15 years.
Prior to it I paid 5000 for Microsoft and Linux training and found myself begging trainers to attend the classes and after that I left begging each and every day, I gave up. The only thing I remember MD speaking he is best in the town and came back to study from him. They pushed me to pay the entire course was 35000 and paid advance of 15,000 and when asked for the receipt was told that they will give it to next day. I really thought he was good but the next day he didn’t turn up and wasted my day and day after same story.
Very fast day I found out his basics of routing protocols are not even strong. I said I don’t want to come and study I need my money but was refused. I kept calling but everything went in vain.
In the last I was told that I am Muslim and I have no rights to yell at them even he said to me you have seen me I am Don do whatever I can do.
I was afraid and today when I came back to Paris I did write to him on What’s up that I have bought the domain name networkmasters and will publish everything they did to me. Yet I got threatened again by writing to me you will be not welcomed to India.
My texto was
I got the good domain name Networkmasters - I just want my money back 15,000 and I also wrote to him about what he does in his institute all he does goes upstairs and start kissing his female employee which I have seen because his one of the employee which tool my money and she always comes to his class and takes him upstairs. The country I live, we have freedom of speech and I have all the rights to write what I have seen and how I was treated. I will not stop until I get my money back. He even send text to me :- Already msg send to cyber crime |­ wait and watch ­| U wil be welcome to India Ok
Do you see he can’t even write in English?
I do have recording of his only class I attended.
I will launch network masters no matter what happens. I stand for my freedom of speech.
In this website he writes lot of lies.
His address institute and website
Network Masters
78,3rd Floor,
Venkajrao Kahana,
HSR Layout 6th Sector,
Bangalore - 560102,
Near HSR Layout BDA complex,
Opposite to JSS Womens College

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