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  • 11 years ago

Not paid bribe or custom duty for imported laptop

Reported on October 2, 2012 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #31188

I was coming from USA on monday midnight with my used laptop & one more new laptop bought from Best-buy from USA. I was aware that 2 laptop(used+new) is allowed and hence I came from Green Channel of custom. In random check, One of custom office at Mumbai airport ( Mr. Rathod) has asked me to open my luggage and asking for I-phone or I-pad like thing..but I have shared info about my new laptop. He was trying to fool me as saying that I'm carrying 2 laptop n which is not allowed asking me to pay $140 as custom duty...also one police in 'Khaki' named Mr. More & one more custome office Mr. ********** ********** asking about how many $ do I have and asking me to settele with Mr. Rathod on 3-4K...But I have asked for rule book of custom to check the rules where it has mentioned clearly that one imported laptop is allowed but they tring to show that I carring 2 new laptop...I told them not to paying single penny, n asked to give back passport n sntached it from them.. waited some time...
After some time one of the Senior custom officer came from his cabin to watch these morons...after seeing him all those officers started working sincerely, I went to him, waited for some time n left immediatly without asking anyone....As I was follwing all rules hence I need pay anything...These morons can ask you anything if you dont know the rule...
My advice for all iduring custom check - Pl ask for rule book or aks to see Senior officer

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