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  • 9 years ago

Police harassment

Reported on April 12, 2014 from Udhagamandalam , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #40499

On this day I along with my family were travelling back from Udagamandalam to Mysore after picking up our daughter from her school for summer vacations at about 3.30 P.M. On reaching the check post, the constable along with two others there stopped us and asked us to take another route through Gudalur to Mysore which is almost 30-40 kms more. On querying about why we have to do this he never gave us a genuine reason and meanwhile he was allowing all the Tamilnadu registration vehicles through that route without bothering them. On insisting, he gave us a pale answer like he has orders from higher authority to allow only Tamilnadu registration vechiles and not the Karnataka registration vechiles. We then asked them to show the order copy or any banners that mentions his explanation and demanded to give the police station and the Sub-inspecter's number which he did give but was fake numbers. Then again after a hot conversation he gave the numbers but of no help. Between this period he left two Karnataka registration vehicles after receiving a bribe of about Rs.200. Then we understood what really is going on and we refused to do so and also our argument kept increasing. Then he said one of his Superior is coming and we waited with kids. After some time another official comes there without mentioning his designation and name and starts arguing with us. Then he says if we would've talked to him politely and requested(?) him to allow us to travel through that route then he would have left us.....? Before this we told him everything that we are regular travellers to ooty because our daughter is studying there and showed all her books and school documents. But he was never convinced about the details we gave him. We clearly understood that taking this ghat route saves travellers more time rather than going through Gudalur where the road conditions are so bad and so these people have weaved a web to cash in this situation.

What is going on..., why we have to request to travel in a certain route.
Why we have to pay a bribe to travel in a certain route that is ofcourse meant for travellers convenience.

I then again called the police station and a lady constable answered in a language which I was not able to understand. I requested her to tell her name and the constables names who are on duty at the check-post, she declined again giving me fake information and confusing me that the constables are actually from traffic police office but the constables were not in their traffic police uniform but have worn police department uniforms. I even asked the SP office's number and there again it was wrong. At last I took the address and number from Justdial.com and tried to contact and clarify this issue with SP Sir but it was also useless. The person who picked up the phone in SP's office said that I can't talk to SP sir and I've to fax the complaint to his office.
I was just wondering what was happening...., this situation happened with us many times but we always thought it was true that the officials are taking safety measures but only today we came to know that all this is for a bribe. That too with only Karnataka registration vehicles.

My simple question is why we have to bribe anybody to travel in a certain route?
What are the concerned officials doing and what our karnataka people doing... is this the same situation for Tamilnadu travellers who enter or exit Karnataka? Doesn't we even have a basic fundamental right to move within India without such harassment? Why is partiality? Why is this targeting policy? What are we going to do next... pay for going to other states, pay for exit from other states, pay to use a certain route which is and only built for public use and convenience, pay for asking why? Simply pay, pay and pay for everything....
3 O' clock and above and there they are waiting for their bait. And above that they say that the ghat route is a one way. There is no such sign board there mentioning this route "One way". If its really one way then its very simple.., just insert a sign board and U police people do your other more valuable works other than waiting for each and every vehicle coming to the check-post and save time for yourself by not personally delivering the message that the ghat route is one way.

Is there any remedy for this issue? Still hoping so....

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