• Bribe Fighter
  • 13 years ago

Public Insult by AMD Customs Officer

Reported on September 18, 2011 from Ahmedabad , Gujarat  ι Report #31503

I am an NRI. I had left my hometown Ahmedabad during my childhood and was hoping for everything to have remained the same when I return. I had returned to India in end of 2009 after 10 years of separation. To my pleasant surprise, I was delighted to see the progress and achievements made by India upon my return. The trip was wonderful until the day I was bound to leave for US in January of 2010. The customs officer wanted me to pay a bribe in order to let me pass with "green light". I had only heard of these scenarios in movies and I reacted with an angry protest. I was shocked for such horrendous act. He thought I'd be an easy target so he black mailed me saying I will not let you pass no matter what occurs. So I go to one after another officer and they all laugh and point back at the same guy to whom I first went to. I was shaken up, I tried to talk my way out however he created a big scene. He called me absurd names, claimed he has the power to hold me here even if I was George Bush. People were gathering around me while I helplessly cried. When the seniors came, the officer told them I had talked rudely to them and asked for my written apology. Till this day I experience anxiety when looking back at how event unfolded on that day. I recall some bullshit he was saying that appeared to have been ripped straight off of a movie such as "who do you think I am, I am no Public Servant, I am a hard working Indian." I do not understand what was going on in his mind. His desire to get some money out of me, led to me loosing my sense of self worth and respect I had for my country's system. From that day, I have taken a vow to never return to India... I have never ending love for my country, and I do miss it, but I cannot afford to loose myself in wake of those memories.

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