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  • 8 years ago

Received my passport after a long delay

Reported on September 19, 2013 from Bokaro , Jharkhand  ι Report #36326

I had applied for my passport on 03/05/2013 and finally received it on first week of September. I had faced hell lot of trouble in getting my passport. as they say in india that jab tak chai-paani naa do kisi bhi police wale ko they dont cooperate with you. My colleagues had applied for the passport through a broker which charged hefty sum of money and also the traveling fare. and also when the verification team visited their home they charged more than rs. 500 to complete the verification process.and soon within 3-4 days all of them received their passport . i believe that the passport application has become way simpler and easy that u need not pay money to anyone, not even to the broker who will get the simple work done for you. And in my case i refused to pay any money to anyone and also got all the re-verification work done myself. But i gotta tell that it was a hell lot pf painful task. but i am happy to get the passport finally.

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