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I was driving to office on 20/2/2014 at 6PM from Erukencherry, Chennai-118.…

Reported on February 20, 2014 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #39586

I was driving to office on 20/2/2014 at 6PM from Erukencherry, Chennai-118. While I was driving, I received call from my cousin brother, I answered the call while driving(told he was in hospital his father treatment) and slow down my two-wheeler. During this incident, an traffic police noticed it and stopped me. He reported to his higher officer MR. Veerapandian P (SI) that I was cell phone driving. He asked me to pay 300 rupees without any receipt. My goodness, I don't have that much money, I said no I have only 100 rupees only. Further I stated that I'm on the way to go hospital due to sudden emergency, as always he was very rude and he used few abuse language as well. I said I don't have money, I didn't understand my situation and he shown his power. I said ok, I don't want to wait since I have to go hospital and office. I requested him to leave me but he refused. I told him to register complaint and asked him to give receipt then I will pay later because I don't have money at that point of time. He register complaint under section CMV R21(25) U/s177(100) and CMV R2125) U/s 184(1000) because I refused to pay him bribe. Usually, 1st time if someone found cell phone driving, they have to give warning either they will be fined 100 rupees since I refused to pay bribe I have been charged 1100 rupees. Also, he didn't allow me to go with my bike, he told me to pay and get the bike. I was helpless, I tried all my friends but no use. I requested him to give my bike and then I will pay but he refused. Then I catch one Auto and went back home and get money and reached the spot to get my bike by paying amount but as usual he has left home at 7:10 PM. I don't know what to do....Tomorrow only I have to go and get bike. I was totally upset... I wear helmet as well but no use... I would like to take action against him but being an ordinary person, I cannot go beyond some point. If someone can please help on this!!!

I admit my mistake and asked him to give receipt to pay it later but I don't know what is the rule....Does he have authority to ask me to leave my bike? Don't we have option of paying penalty on our own. Where do I report for showing his police power to public and registered complaint with 2 sections.....

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