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  • 7 years ago

Refused to pay bribe to Tehsildar for Mutuation

Reported on November 13, 2015 from Ghaziabad , Uttar Pradesh  ι Report #82718

Its a true incidence of the year 1998 (I was studying Law 2nd year at that point of time), when Tehsildar of Hapur (Ghaziabad) had been harassing my father (Retd. Army Officer) for mutation (changing his name in revenue records) after death of his unmarried elder brother, who had bequeathed his entire movable and immovable property in my father's name. Though, after submitting NOC Affidavits from other Legal Heirs and interested parties, order was passed but neither Tehsildar was ready to sign the order nor his assistants were ready my father's name. On that fateful day, I reached at 10.00am and requested "Bade Babu" to put up the file to "Saheb" and get his signature but was told that my father would get such huge land free of cost and hence we must pay at least something to get this beneficial work done. I directly barged into 'Saheb's cabin' and asked him to sign to which he responded casually that he was buy in other important tasks. I requested that its a work of an Army Officer (Retd.), who fought for country in 1971 war but to no avail.

Ultimately, i decided to sit outside of Saheb's office and which was irritating him and he would come out of his office to see me after every hour. In fact his orderly assistant also came to me and told that Saheb had never done any work without "chadhava" to which i flatly refused to pay anything and sitting silent with a smile on face. With each passing hour Saheb was losing patience and around 3.00pm he left for local visit but i kept sitting there. Few other clerical staff also approached me started telling me that i must bow-down and must not fight with such officer, otherwise my matter would stuck forever but i refused to give up.

Around 4.45pm Saheb returned from his local-visit and badly fumed to see me sitting on bench outside his office and shouted on his assistant showing as if he was making me scared of his position. Interestingly, he was losing patience seeing my determination and kind of adamant approach. By 5.30pm people of entire Tehsil office almost left for the day and only Saheb and his Assistant only left. Suddenly, Tehsildar Saheb stood up from his chair came out and literally dragged me into his office and asked what did i want and i replied with smile that his signature and that too without a single penny. He endorsed his signature and stamp and folded his both the hands shouting that he had never seen such an 'adamant person' in his life and asked me to immediately leave his office. I expressed thanks, got copy of 'signed order' and left for the day. This was my first battle against corruption & bribe but boosted a lot to my never-giving up attitude.

I am grateful to this wonderful website for affording opportunities to people of India & other countries to fight against corruption & bribe and make a beautiful World...Kudos!

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