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  • 13 years ago

Resisted a bribe and paid a fine & penalty

Reported on August 30, 2011 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #31527

I am aware that we are allowed to carry one new laptop back into the country when coming back from any foreign country. I had a company laptop which was about 3yrs old and has plenty of scratches and dents. I had purchased a new laptop for myself from Singapore airport. I declared this new laptop and other shopped items with bill and told them that this other laptop was an old one and belongs to the company. The customs officer asked for 25000 to release me without any procedures. He told that its going to be shared by the other colleagues and the AC. I resisted this bribe and then with the due respect I asked them that I would pay the officially payable 30.5% customs duty on the invoice value. They levied another 20% and 10% fine and penalty on the invoice value apart for the customs duty, for reasons known only to them. Asking upon the explanations, I was given a strange look and frowns. So instead of paying only ~35000 as official duty, I had to now pay ~35000 + 22000 + 11000, about 68000. I was asked to sign certain papers / forms even when they were not filled up. I had to sign these papers / forms, have this laptop detained and collect it next day after paying this hefty duty in cash, as there was no other way out. No one was present to help me out as I was singled out from my other colleagues who had left long time ago. Time wasted 5hrs at the airport customs counter, whole of next business day to pay the duty and hefty fine. I still have the receipt, if needed to verify. Unnecessary money spent late night taxi fare, taxi fare for to and fro the international airport the next day and my one day's salary, besides this I paid another 33000 for reasons I am not aware off.

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