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Resisted from bribing and got Overcharged and booked under multiple sections

Reported on April 6, 2019 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #202471

I want to bring to your notice about an incident in which I was involved 26march in pune, near mundhwa passport office.
Resisting from bribing cost me a lot though.
I have still taken this ahead with police and I was assured necessary action will be taken. I have got any further update. The incident follows here.

I was going for passport application for my Kids (aged 2.5 yrs and 4.5 yrs) and i was accompanied by my wife too.
I was following the driving instructions by by wife who was following google maps as i was new to Mundwa region as i reside at Balewadi.
We had taken a right turn just next to the passport office and i have immediately realized that i have committed a mistake as a Traffic Police was approaching me signing to stop my car. I have stopped my car and accepted my mistake and informed that i could not notice that a right turn was not allowed.
The Respected traffic Police officer has asked for my license which i have produced and then he has informed me to pay Rs 500 or he would write challan.
I asked him to write the challan as i was willing to pay the fine for my wrong doing, but to my surprise i was asked to pay 1400 and i was booked under multiple sections as seen below. I didn't not want to debate with him i paid the fine and moved on.

Sir, I want to understand whether I'm really supposed to be booked under Dangerous Driving for taking a wrong turn. I think this this section is being misused on people if they are not willing to pay money directly without any official slip.

Also to highlight, I was with my two minor/infant kids who were in the backseat. I would definitely not drive very dangerously which would put my fellow citizens and also my family in danger. My kids passport appointment was scheduled at 12:45 PM and this incident happened just 200 meters away from the Passport Seva Kendra at around 12PM which also indicates that i was well before my appointment time and i was not rushing or driving fast.

I hope you look into this sir and if its possible help us also understand what qualifies for Dangerous driving.
Please accept my sincere apologies again for my wrong turn as i was unable to locate the sign for no right turn.

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