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  • 11 years ago

Have You ever sat close to a Policement in a Restaurant Only to…

Reported on December 19, 2013 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #38615

Have You ever sat close to a Policement in a Restaurant Only to be disgusted to see a demonic hurry to Gout Food as though there is "NO TOMORROW" & also Orders for some more Parcel for colleauge or Family Members, Then You need to watch every Restaurants in Chennai including Saravana Bhavan,Vasantha Bhavan & other Udupi Hotels in and around in Chennai ,

When quizzed about this to a nearby Server he always has the following answer:
Sir, if we do charge them and ask them to Pay the next day all of our Restuart Clients and nearby areas are WARZONES wherein Policement tow vehicles, Fine Owners, Have Corporation Staffs visit for Hygene etc etc..Instead we find it cheaper and Practical to offer free food. Servers also add- All these people would be cursed and Die our of Disease Only....They eat out of our profits..hmmm.

On a social side its the folly of the Government -NOT to educate their Staffs on Ethics, Self respect and Decency leave alone offer them decent Salaries.

I ask every FREE EATing Governement Staffs WhDONT You Change by yourselves...People are cursing You and everyone is disgusted to see the Desperate Sight of Surrogate BRIBE

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