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  • 7 years ago

Towing my bike for bribe

Reported on December 7, 2016 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #138577

I have parked my bike mahim sbi bank afternoon 2 pm date 5/12/2016 the trafficpolice officer n towing contractor take my bike and go i search 2 hours they my freind told me towing may b take it thwn i go to rto office i saw my bike there i ask the police officer i live here n there is parking avalibe y u took my bike from there the police officer said me sorrry the new towing contractor they dnt no plsz u pay fine 300 rupeees i said sir soory my home is ther n i m nt wrong but u taking me fine no problem but sir plsz take 100 ruppes tarffic police officer told me give 200 hundred fine for u i said ok sir take 200 fine then he take fine from me 200 hundred n give me challan of ruppes 100 i said what is this sir u took me 200 fine n give me 100 rs challan they use filty language n abuse give me fine 500 i give u challan i shout n told u taken a currption with me how can u do that but he didnt licent mahim then he took 500 rupees n give me challan 300 rupees n said me me tula kay karta ataa tu bag me tula ani tuje gadi la police station m adi galte bag then i affaraid n go from there all senior officer n small officer r same nobudy licent when i complain about traffic deparrtment allways take bribe plsz take action( he give me challan towing bike from kapad bazar but there r no evedence my bike is parkin is sbi bank mahim paradise cinema y he wrote wrong challan thank n take action

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