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  • 13 years ago

Two used laptops

Reported on November 18, 2011 from New Delhi , Delhi  ι Report #31427

This happened to me at the IGI, New Delhi.

I was travelling from Chicago to Hyderabad by **********...which was a nightmare.We were told to checkout our bags at IGI since we were delayed in Chicago and missed the connecting flight to Hyderabad in Delhi. Once I cleared the immigration and started running towards the domestic terminal to board my Hyd flight, to my surprise I was told to stop at the gate by the customs folks and asked me if I had any electronics times, I told them I have an old used phone, couple of old laptops (both from the company) and that's all. Then he started showing me a booklet (customs guidelines or something) which stated passengers can carry only one laptop , but didn't new or used and then he told me to pay the duty for the second laptop I was carrying. I told him many times that the laptops were old and used and from the company and the combined market value of the laptops wouldn't exceed even 10,000 Rs. He didn't listen, he continued to persuade me to pay the bribe,by claiming that I was entitled to pay the duty. Finally I told him that I would pay the duty..and then the unthinkable happened....he just let me go....!!!!!

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