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  • 11 years ago

Where is it written that if you don't pay custom duty your passport will be detained?

Reported on May 21, 2013 from Mumbai , Maharashtra  ι Report #34546

I faced the problem bringing 40" LED TV from bangkok.At Mumbai International Airport,I was given some fare calulcation to pay some random amount of rs.10000 as custom duty and ask me they will let me go by paying Rs. 3000 and When I refused to pay single penny I was threatened that we are detaining your goods and I said ok you can and everything was checked under scan to ensure there is nothing else in LED box,then I was again requested by custom officer that one police guy will come with your passport just put 3000 in white Bag and that moment I realized that they had detained my passport which I gave them at the custom desk to verify my details and I started shouting that I will go to Police and lodge FIR because you are detaining my passport instead of goods(why because as per you I haven't paid duty),then few senior custom officers came to me and ask me why are you shouting and ask me answer my question have you paid the duty ? I told him answer my question where is it written that if you don't pay custom duty your passport will be detained and he had no answer and asking me about paying bribe as I was the only passenger left during that time,I refused to pay single penny and I snatched the passport from that police constable and I told him if you don't know the value of this document(passport) don't touch otherwise next time you will be in big trouble and I started walking with my LED and luggage.Other customer officer started shouting at me and said that guy is going without paying customs and then I said if you want custom duty come and answer to police why did you detained my passport.Finally he didn't even dare to take a single step.

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