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  • 11 years ago

Where Money dont work, You need some Power to get your work done

Reported on April 7, 2011 from Bhopal , Madhya Pradesh  ι Report #32168

I have got a chance from my company to travel to UK for 6 months but I need my PG degree to apply for the work permit. So I have applied to the concerned department of Bhopal Univerity to issue the same.

The application process was very hectic because of so much rush and laziness of the staff. I have submitted the application anyhow and asked for the probable date of receiving the degree but the clerk told me to give some money to fasten the process otherwise they have applications pending for 2-3 years.

I got ready to pay handsome bribe as I had the very urgent requirement but one of my relative asked me not to pay anything to the staff as they may delay the process even after receiving good money and I can't come back to my home town again and again for the enquiry, he told me that he will use the source of some high official to get my work done.

And I got my degree within 15 days without paying a single penny as bribe. And my relative told me that he met with very high official of the university with reference of some politician. I am very thankful to my relative from the depth of my heart and cursing the university staff.

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