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  • 12 years ago

Wrongfully asked to pay customs duty on 'India Market Value' for TV

Reported on September 10, 2012 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #31216

I bought a 42 inch Sony TV with a Invoice from Sony Showroom in Thailand. When I arrived at Bangalore airport, they asked me to pay customs duty even though the value of my TV was well below 35,000 INR (which is the exception limit). The customs lady told me that the India Value of TV will be considered to calculate customs duty. Then she softly asked me if I needed a bill. I demanded that I will pay customs as per the rules and finally paid as per the Invoice of Customs. They did not consider my Thailand Invoice for value calculation. On my next trip to Thailand, I checked with the customs officials at the airport and the senior official told me that "what happened at the customs arrival was wrong, & Invoice value (of Sony Thailand) should be utilised (after conversion of THB to INR) for duty calculations.
I still have a copy of my TV Invoice and my Customs Invoice. I would like to check the correct procedure, & in case they overcharged me, would like to file a complain.

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