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Reported on March 5, 2011 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #33196


Download Forms From the internet. just google for these forms or buy them from any shop near rto office.

Form FT Form AT Form 27 Form 33 Form 30 Form 29 Form 28 Form 26 Form 20


Refer the doc “Vehicle Road tax payment process” if you just want to pay the road tax and use the vehicle in MH with old no.

Scratch the chassis no of the bike on top right corner of every form.
If you stay in pcmc area go to nigdi rto office, near KSB chowk, nigdi. Else go to pune rto office near pune station.
NOC is not required if you just want to pay tax and use the bike in MH.

You do not need noc and some other thing if your wish to pay the tax only and use the bike with non-MH number.

For registration the list is as below ( I got from the nigdi rto office and refined based on the recent experiences of cognizant colleagues).

Stage 1– You need to go to the RTO office with the following documents. ********** Mr ******* there.
1. NOC from old rto along with form 28 (2 copies).
2. Registration certificate original
3. Valid insurance
4. Valid puc
5. Invoice receipt or get a quotation from the showroom. If you can not get it, ask the lady who sits there in the cash room. She will say
this and that but tell her that you know she has a list of the cost of the vehicle and should tell what is the value of my vehicle.
6. Octrai receipt ( my bike is 9 years old and I paid 160 rs as 1 percent octrai charge against the insurance value 16000 of my bike),
show the insurance certificate for the current value of the vehicle.
7. Pune/pcmc Address proof (your and of the owner of the vehicle). GO to notary they have the format of address proof format).
8. Notary Affidavit that the vehicle is not stolen. I think this can be clubbed in the above notary certificate.
9. Form ft,26,27,20,33, (29,30 also in case of transfer of ownership). Scratch chassis no on each form.
10. Reg fee is 180 rs only. Transfer of ownership fee is 35 rs (for you info).
11. Road Tax is 7 percent of cost minus some deduction based on the age of the vehicle. (To give you an idea, I paid 1700 rs for a 9 year old splendor).
12. Patange will ask you to purchase a file which contains all the above forms from the shop in the basement near the staircase.

13. Carry Proof of transportation of the vehicle by bus/truck/train etc. Carry a copy of its receipt they ask for it otherwise they charge fine assuming that you are using the vehicle without paying the tax.After you submit the documents and successful verification, then will ask you to pay the road tax(calculated) and the registration tax(180 rs),
and will give you receipts. Now you can use your vehicle in maharashtra with the old no, if anyone stops you, show him the road tax receipt.
No one will ask for the registration certificate RC now. if asked you can tell that it is submitted in the rto office for new registration.

In stage 1 You will get 3 documents signed by nigdi rto (a) informatioin letter to old rto office (b) noc request from pune police
comissioner office that your vehicle was not involved in any criminal case (c) request for Noc from crime branch delhi that the vehicle was
not involved in any crime (this does not come :(, you need to take a print from their website as mentioned in stage 2).
Send the postal mail to old rto and crime branch delhi and they will send a return mail delivery notification.
Then you need to submit this pune police noc and 2 return notification to chinchwad rto.

Stage 2
12. Now a pune police commissioner office noc (mentioned above) will be required. FOr this go to police commissiner officer near GPO,
near MG road, it is just behind the shoppers stop showroom.They will take a copy of the form 28, copy of NOC, registration cert and your id proof.
They will give you NOC after 1 week.
13. You need to have the return postal mail confirmation from the old rto office also.
14. You also need a printout from the national crimes register website NCRB.nic.in that your vehicle is not stolen.
Take a print from the website. I did it at a cyber cafe near the nigdi rto office.

Stage 3
15. Now the vehicle need to be inspected at the rto office. If all the above docs are ready you need to show the vehicle to an ispector at
RTO office basement. Once he signs all the docs, you need to go to mr ******* /**********, he will take the docs, make entry in the national rto
database and will give you a computer printout with all your details.
16. You need to go to the computer room with these docs and submit at the counter. you need to pay around 350 rs
on the counter for a smart card RC. Collect your smart card after 2 weeks from the same counter.

Please keep this email list with you and educate others also about it. Be ready to visit that office 5-6 times.
Believe me I did not pay a single penny as bribe for this but it took me time 5-6 visits.

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