• Honest Officer
  • 7 years ago

Bangalore police promptly accepted the scam reported by me and promised to take action.

Reported on October 27, 2015 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #80820

I am a parent of one of the participant of guinness record held by Veena Vaani School. Initially school collected 2000Rs saying fee to make record arrangements which participants happy paid. Everyone was waiting for certificate from Guinness authorities. Once attempt was successful organizers demended 3000Rs more for certificate. They are telling participents that the certificate is from Guinness authorities where as its fake and printed by veenavaani. As many people are helplessly looking for certificate they bought fake certificate from this school. I realized its fake by finding lot of spelling mistakes. I sent a mail to Guinness authorities and conformed that certificate is fake by looking at the certificate from their site. I bought certificate from Guinness authorities. To prevent hassle to others i went to bangalore police facebook page and reported the issue. This school is making money to 400 participents issueing fake certificate claiming that its from Guiness authority. They promptly listened to the issue and directed C.K.Achukattu Police Station , for taking necessary action in this regard. Its great to see police trying to help innocent civilians. Hats off great job bangalore police. Really proud of you.

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