• Honest Officer
  • 9 years ago

BBMP Squad - Truly Honest Individual

Reported on February 2, 2016 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #91414

It is one of the most common stories which are going around Bangalore these days. A soulless builder meets a poor owner and does a Joint agreement. He violates all the bylaws in BBMP. He buys everyone with his "Red Money". My ward AEE and EE were corrupt to the core and were in nexus with the Builder.

We the residents approached the BBMP Squad which was headed by Mr. Ashok who was an intelligent and a very honest officer. Within matter of weeks, the Mr. Ashok visited the site and submitted the report.

The best part in BBMP is that the AEE need to take action - the one who is corrupt needs to take action - Mockery of governance.

We are still fighting for our cause.

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