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  • 10 years ago

Anubhav builder refused to return the advance 1lk returned. My request…

Reported on August 9, 2013 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #35244

Anubhav builder refused to return the advance 1lk returned. My request to deduct 10-20% of the amount and to settle the matter fell in deaf ears. Instead he threatened and highlighted how others have lost the advances paid. His trick was simple negotiate for a price and once the advance is paid back track and enhance the price.
I moved to consumer court having been convinced that its of no use pleading with him after a wait of 8 months. It took three seatings to get the judgment. He never responded to the summons or the court order of the district consurmer forum 2nd additional. Instead he moved to state consumer forum challenging the judgement. His plea was rejected and he had to pay back 8% interest for 6 months and Rs 2500 as litigation cost. The iceing on the cake was I fought my own case without a lawyer and won. The tricky part was getting the money back. State consumer forum instructed builder to deposite 20k immediately in its office. rest money in district consumer office. Money getting transfered from state forum office to district forum office took almost a month. Some guy suggested that I pay Rs 100 to the office bearer but I did not heed the advice. Office bearer kept delaying even after I submitted the application for doing the transfer of fund. But one fine day after a month I was told that money been transfered to District consumer forum. And I got my money in a weeks time. This is the only grey area in the whole episode. Communication between state and district offices is not SLA driven or there is no binding as well.

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