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  • 11 years ago

Double Efficiency of Kerala Police - to get Bribe and TA

Reported on March 8, 2011 from Cochin , Kerala  ι Report #33186

I applied for my name endorsement in my Wife's passport, which was first issued from TVM. Since, a new passport would be issued as per the new system, it involved police verification because of address change in my wife's passport. We waited for almost 2 weeks (otherwise, it should have happened maximum 5 days time for Misc. Services for passport) and when it was prolonging, I requested the higher authorities in the Passport Office - explained the official the genuinity and the urgency and the Honest and Sensible Official, after studying the file learned that since one police verification was done for her first passport issue, ordered for immediate processing of passport. The police verification was not needed second time. We learned that the necessary instruction was sent to the local police station to stop the verification process too..... Surprisingly, the very next day, the police turned up to verify at my place. And.... and the most surprising incident - The police turned up at my wife's place too to verify the already verified information again... Even if there was a reason - the utter surprise was, they did not visit my wife's place, just verified things from a shop in the town junction corner and completed the formality. Obviously, to gain their *******

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