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  • 8 years ago

Good officer in City Survey Office Pune

Reported on July 27, 2013 from Pune , Maharashtra  ι Report #35012

My father died intestate on 12 January 2013 and is survived by three legal heirs , myself , my brother and my sister. None of us knew the detailed procedure of mutating entry on property card of my father in our names. When we went to city survey office , Subhashnagar Pune before 1 June 2013 the experinec was typical of any corrupt government office where any "help" or "advice " is given with the sole purpose of earning money..... never to actually help. One of the concerned clerk even asked us for deed of declaration which he said was not there. A few days passed and by sheer good luck Mr. Pramod Ghadge got transferred to the post of city survey officer. He explained everything nicely to us and in front of the clerk showed us the information present in a conveyance deed which was being demanded by the clerk. He even asked this clerk how he had failed to see that piece of information. Our work , which was actually legal and simple , was done without paying a single rupee bribe. Even in RTO Pune , thanks to the help given to us by Commissioner Arun Yeola and his PA Mr. Kokutnoor Anna , transfer of my fathers cars to our names took place without paying a single rupee bribe.

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