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  • 8 years ago

Honest ,impartial and brave policeman

Reported on August 1, 2013 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #35057

I was at the vegetable market Thiruvanmiyur, a locality in Chennai the other day and I parked my vehicle where there were several others. Unfortunately I didn't notice the no parking sign and when I returned back after shopping, I saw this traffic constable that had chained all the two wheelers and was preparing to load them on a tow vehicle. There was another constable inside the towing vehicle busy with writing the parking tickets.
I approached the one outside and apologized for parking illegally and he politely asked me to pay the fine. There were a lot of them shouting and yelling and getting upset with having to pay the fine and he was patiently dealing with everyone of them and politely said that they either have to pay the fine or meet the inspector at the station and plead their case and try their luck.
While I was waiting in line to pay the fine ,another policeman whose vehicle also was parked illegally and got chained approached this policeman and showed his identity card and said that he should not be paying any fine as he was with police. Our hero simply replied that it doesn't matter who he is and insisted that he paid the fine and we all witnessed that class act .

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