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  • 8 years ago

Honest Officer

Reported on November 21, 2013 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #37775

I am an Nre and was in India for vacation with my wife and kids. I was travelling with my family and relatives to Mysore by Train and we were suppose to carry an original ID with photo on it as a proof to show the TT at the time of travel. The ticket was issued in the name of my father who didn't manage to join us due to health reason and he didn't nominate other member who was in that group of 4 members ticket. I was surprise when the TT ask for the original id as I manage to get the copy of his driving licence and was note aware of this rule completely. Then we had a argument and was trying to explain the valid reason which can happen with any passenger and I was asking him to find a solution and help me at this difficult time. I have also told him that it was very easy to travel by airplane as it was almost the same cost and hassle free. He did his best to support me and understand my problem.

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