• Honest Officer
  • 8 years ago

I met first Government employee serving they client with smile...that is Madam Vijayalaxmi @ Osmania University Employment exchange.

Reported on November 8, 2014 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #46618

Ms. Vijaya Laxmi Garu, who works in Osmania University - Employment Exchange Hyderabad unite. First lady government employee who serves with smile and humanity. This incident happened on 07th Aug 2014. After filling my application I handed over to madam, spotting that I'm a physically challenge person, she asked me to wait till 3:00 pm to get the employment card or it will take one month time it. I said her that I can wait for it. But I did not receive employment card even after waiting for one month. On 11th Sept 2014, I went employment exchange, spotting they she called me to her desk & asked me have you received the employment card.I said no, then she asked me to wait and she went to speak to Deputy Manager about my issue. Even begin understaffed they have showed me true humanity.The employment card was issue same day. I truly grateful to Ms Vijaya Laxmi for patience, memory, helpful & cool headed nature. 'I SALUTE HER.' She has showed me that not all the government employees are rude & impolite.

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