• Honest Officer
  • 11 years ago

Income Tax Refund

Reported on March 17, 2011 from Bangalore , Karnataka  ι Report #33155

I had paid excess tax couple of years back. it was a big amount (in 10s of thou) and my refund request was pending with the IT dept.Though it was delayed for couple of years. I did receive the refund(including interest) without having to pay a single rupee as bribe. At this time I felt very proud of my country and had a moment of profound realization that, still after all this, India is progressing, not because of the corrupt, anti-social people but only because of the honest people who are doing their duties in a difficult environment. It must really take lot of courage and conviction to be honest in a increasingly corrupt office environment. I salute the honest citizens of India. It is because of you the country runs and remains a progressive nation.

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