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  • 10 years ago

International Driving Permit (Gurgaon Mini Secretariat)

Reported on December 30, 2013 from Gurgaon , Haryana  ι Report #38773

While the process was not as streamlined as one would like, and took 5 working days (due to the unavailability of the signing authority - you should get the IPD the next working day otherwise), I got the IDP without paying a bribe.

The Information at the hartrans website (http://hartrans.gov.in/dl.htm) is incomplete (which caused the first day of delay - I needed additional documents which were not mentioned on the website).

Complete list of documents required is:
-Valid Driving License issued (attested copy)
-Valid Passport (attested copy of first and last pages)
-Valid Visa (attested copy)
-Confirmed air-tickets (to and from your destination country of travel)
-Address proof (attested copy)
-Birth Certificate (like everywhere else in India, you can use your 10th passing certificate for this) (attested copy)

All the above documents can be self-attested with date.

Also, you'll need 4 Passport size photographs for the license + 1 for medical fitness certificate = 5 total

Rs 110 for medical certificate
Rs 30 for the requisite forms
Rs 500 for the International Driving Permit
= Rs 640 total

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