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No bribe for getting NOC

Reported on December 19, 2012 from Hyderabad , Telangana  ι Report #32724

I just got an NOC for my bike (registered in RTA, Kharaitabad) for shifting to Bangalore. The process was not as tedious as I thought it would be and I dint have to pay any bribe. Only make sure that you have all the correct documents. Mentioning it here so that it would be useful to others
Total time: 8-10 days
Amount: Rs 185 (excluding petrol charges)
Bribe paid: Nil

1. Go to Central Crime station, Nampally near LB stadium and ask for NOC application. They will give you a form there which you need to fill and give
Documents required:
- Attested copies of RC and ID proof (this is a change from the earlier procedure)
- Original RC
- Eseva challan of Rs 100

2. The filled form will be checked and taken by the department guy. You will get the traffic clearance the same day afternoon. For the crime clearance, you will be asked to come after 8 days. For this, they will ask who is the owner, so its better to be physically present at CCS (bike not required. I wasnt asked)

3. Go to the same place and collect crime clearance after 8 days. (We tried to get it earlier but had to wait for 8 days)

4. Go to the Khairatabad RTA.
Documents required:
- Traffic Clearance
- Crime clearance
- Form 28 filled in triplicate. On page 1 of this form, get the pencil chassis of the bike. (I did not have my bike in hyd. So a friend took a printout of form 28 and couriered to me with the pencil chasis)
- Original RC
- Original pollution
- Original insurance
- Address proof xerox
- ID proof xerox
Submit all these. The officer will check everything and the owner will be asked to give a digital signature. You will be asked to pay Rs 85/-

5. They will give you an acknowledgement receipt and ask you to the come the next day (its better to go a day later, knowing how the govt functions)

6. Go back to the same counter where you submitted your documents and collect the NOC

Overall, it turned out to be easier than I thought and I dint have to pay any bribe. All those out there who get discouraged thinking it is tedious, please go and do it. No agent will anyways touch this job and even if they do, they wont be able to give it to you. I did not have my bike in Hyd (had already transported it to blore) and neither the RTA or the police asked to see the bike (maybe being a girl helped :) )

Good luck!

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