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  • 9 years ago

Quick courteous service and no price to pay CBSE Chennai

Reported on July 13, 2012 from Chennai , Tamil Nadu  ι Report #32806

I had to get my son's CBSE TC attested by the CBSE block officer in Chennai (Annanagar). I located the office and went there in the morning. First I was greeted by the peon in the lobby. He directed me to another assistant in the lobby. When I asked him how long it will take for me to get the TC attested he mentioned don't worry sir it will be done in 10 minutes. The septic in me said man it will take an hour and the guy will scratch his head afterwards for Chai Pani ! Too my utter surprise the CBSE officer came to the lobby and verified the TC and few other documents submitted by other parents. After his review they were sent to another officer for signature. The entire process took less than 10 minutes and no one asked for any money. Thank you CBSE ! Thank you ********** Hazare ! ********** Ho !!!

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